The Modus Novus Music shop is where you will see what our artists have to offer. This includes digital content and physical merchandise, all exclusively at Modus Novus Music!


At Modus Novus Music we give musicians the power over their careers, because we work in a pay-to-play industry.  As a result, we provide comprehensive free education and career development.  Each artist has control over his or her own shop.  We connect you to amazing opportunities for free.  Finally, we will never charge anything for our artist services.


Featured Artists

This month, we are featuring the music of Madison, WIsconsin natives spidermuscle.  Spidermuscle is a free-improvisational duo with Evan Wanserski on guitars, basses, and vocals, and Dan Grimes on drums.  If you would like to be featured and have a chance to use our platform to sell your art with fees taken away from you, please sign up on the Artist Portal!


-Evan Wanserski, Founder